Building Resilience for You and Your Child

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I am very grateful to the Kids in the House Organization for the opportunity to support parents and caregivers through their extensive videotape library.

Here I share four things parents can do to build resilience in yourself and your child.

It’s often difficult to prioritize self-care when the world is spinning so quickly and your schedule is packed with appointments, therapies and 24-7 child-rearing.  The costs of not attending to yourself can be high, however. Your physical health (immune system) and mental health (stress and stress recovery ability) are impacted by all the work you do each day.  So in the long run, it’s actually better for your child and family that you place yourself high on the priority list.  Without you, nothing happens.  So make sure to get enough sleep, exercise, joyful play, and support from your family and friends.  These are nutrients to well-being!



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