Making the Right Treatment Decisions for your Child

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When it comes to early developmental delays, the roadmap to treatment is often rocky and confusing.  Knowing your child’s unique individual profile* will help you tailor the right program based on his unique needs.  Here is the key question:

What are the right treatments for my child at this particular time and with his/her unique profile?

Right treatments—for the right child—at the right time

The following questions for treatment providers can guide your decision making as you help professionals better understand your child and family.

  1. How will the therapy benefit my child’s particular challenges, and in your experience, how effective can we expect it to be?
  2. How will we measure progress from your professional standpoint, and how will you communicate it to me?
  3. Are we treating the most primary challenges first?

*How your child processes information through all the senses, hearing, vision, touch, smell, movement, etc.  Your child’s evaluations will help you understand his profile.




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