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Professionals and Agencies

Dr. Delahooke provides clinical supervision and training to agencies serving young children and their families. The heart of Dr. Delahooke’s work is to support therapists in a strength based and reflective process approach. Many trainings can be presented as a half day (three hour) or full day (six hour) module. Dr. Delahooke is also able to customize trainings to meet your agency’s needs.

Online Presentations and Continuing Education Courses

Case Study in the Treatment of Anxiety in Childhood through Profectum

Helping Parents Cope and Find Resilience through Profectum

Sample Presentations and Trainings

 Relationships: The Pathway to Psychological Resiliency

Supporting Challenging Behaviors in Vulnerable Populations: Toxic Stress & Trauma

 Parent-Mediated Interventions in Autism Support

Best Practice Principles in Treating Autism in Toddlers and Young Children

The Relationship between Sensory Processing Disorders and Childhood Anxiety

Effective Early Intervention: Moving from Practioner Led to Relationship-based Practice

DIR® Social Emotional Milestones from Birth to Five

Axis V of the DC:0-3R as a Roadmap to Early Child Development

Treating Anxiety in Young Children and their Families

Principles of Relationship-based Interventions

Mental Health Principles for Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists Treating Young Children

Autism 101: Understanding Autism in Young Children

Autism 102: Treatment Options

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