When Something doesn’t Feel Right

As a parent, you might experience confusion about your role in your child’s services.  You may feel that “pit in the stomach”, or “queasy feeling” when one of your child’s therapists makes a suggestion/comment that just doesn’t seem right. Because you have such a close relationship with your child, your weigh-in during these moments is critical.  While you might feel uncomfortable disagreeing with your child’s therapist or teacher, in the long run, your participation and feedback on his/her treatment will help individualize it and make it better.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Assemble a collaborative, considerate treatment team to support you and your child.
  2. Recognize your importance as a team member, and make yourself visible to providers by talking about your dreams, values, and hopes for your child and family life.
  3. Locate professionals who can help you understand your child’s verbal, non-verbal, and emotional communication.
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