Know that you have Choices!

When your child is diagnosed with autism or a developmental delay, in an ideal world, you would have a range of treatment choices to choose from based on your child’s unique needs.  The reality, however, is that programs throughout the country utilize varying approaches, and the availability of services varies greatly from state to state, and even within states.  Here in California, specific services covered by the regional center (the state agency that supports services for individuals with autism) can vary from center to center.  Why is it important to know this? Even though ABA (applied behavior analysis) is the most standard and studied intervention, other evidence based treatment models are available, and may be appropriate for your child.  Some of the following questions will help you figure out what questions to ask in order to get the best fit of services.

Autism Spectrum Treatment Questions:

  1. Does your agency provide choices for autism treatment and how is the right fit determined?
  2. Does your agency vendor a range of evidence supported autism treatment options including ABA, PRT, ESDM, or Floortime?
  3.  Does your agency track or collect information on consumer satisfaction with the vendors you sponsor, and can we review that data?

Organizations designed to provide information and advocacy for parents can help.  Check out and, and for additional information.

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